This wiki is a collaboration for our North Carolina Elementary Battle of the Books competition.

Each participating school will be able to submit practice questions to this site. Each school coordinator will be responsible for reading at least two books and submitting questions for them.

Other schools are welcome to use these questions for practice and add questions to any book following the format.


On the Home page,

  • Click on the title you've selected
  • Select edit page
  • Type in your name and school
  • Add your questions
  • Click save

Questions need to follow the Battle format:
  • starting with "In which book...
  • should be in present tense and use correct grammar
  • name of a character must not be given. Instead, use "the main character," "a fifteen year old boy," or similar phrases.
  • neither the title nor any part of the title shoud be used in the questions.
  • each question should be specific enough that it cannot refer to two different books on the list.
  • add the page number where the answer can be located.

Candy Sample
Jarvisburg Elementary Media Specialist