In which book…
  1. is Baby Beluga the name of a home?
  2. does a character find these are work things in life than a name?
  3. does a character walk like a rocking horse?
  4. is a grandmother’s usual dress a polyester pantsuit and running shoes?
  5. does a character believe when you think positive you could make things happen?
  6. was it believed that if a body sneezed, someone would pay visit?
  7. is a character best at making lists?
  8. does a brother call his sister the center of peanut butter sandwich between tow pieces of white bread?
  9. does a character imagine what’s inside and then take away what’s not needed when carving?
  10. does a voice cause a character’s hand to twitch?
  11. do a character’s belongings fit into one big black garbage bag?
  12. is a character comforted by clear tape stuck to his shirt?
  13. does a woman change her name for her boyfriend?
  14. did a character not talk until she was almost six?
  15. are character’s clothes made out of polyester blend remnants?
  16. was Wheel of Fortune watched 743 nights-in-a-row?
  17. does a character put her clown head on each night?
  18. would a character have rather had her father instead of his talent?
  19. did a mother leave her children alone to baby-sit themselves while she went shopping?
  20. is a family of elephants lined up trunks to tails?
  21. does a mother buy for her daughter but not her son?
  22. is a character’s dream to make it to the glass case to the library?
  23. does a character keep a “Splendid Words” list?
  24. is a character named after a saint?
  25. was a good-bye the kind where everyone hugged and kissed every single person, then stood around talking and looking at each other, then all of a sudden started hugging and kissing everyone again, crying a little each time?
  26. does a mother have alcohol-induced mental illness?
  27. does a judge ask for a compelling reason why a character should not be with her mother?
  28. do a father’s words help a character be brave enough to speak her mind?
  29. does a judge rule in favor of the best interest of a brother and sister.
  30. does a mother let her tattoo-artist boyfriend lead her around?
  31. does a father rename his daughter after a birthstone?
  32. is Wednesday’s dinner chicken bake?
  33. does a character refer to her son as a “Blem”?
  34. does a character see the potential to scam people with a checker player?
  35. is a character called an FLK?
  36. is a character referred to as a girl of great talent with many layers?
  37. are a characters carvings to be featured in a display case for Open House?
  38. does a character say “Before you were a mouse, but now you have the countenance of a lioness”?
  39. does a character notice her granddaughter’s voice had gotten louder?
  40. is a mother nice in a mean way and mean in a nice way?
  41. does a character realize that in the end, the figure (or person) will reveal itself for what it really is- a mother with a cat’s claw and a father with a lion’s heart?
  42. do a character and her family make a promise that no matter where they lived, they would all travel to Oaxaca every year at Christmastime?

IWB does the MC live in an airstream trailer nicknamed Baby Beluga? (3)
IWB does the MC live in a trailer park called Avocado Acres Trailer Rancho? (3)
IWB is the beginnings set in Lemon Tree, CA? (3)
IWB does the MC live surrounded by a large avocado ranch? (3)
IWB does the MC’s little brother have physical disabilities (and is often underestimated)? (4)
IWB is the MC teased because of her name? (5)
IWB does the MC live with her little brother and Gram? (1)
IWB is does one of the characters (Gram) claim that she has watched 743 episodes of Wheel of Fortune without missing one? (8)
IWB does the MC make a lot of lists? (9)
IWB is the MC’s school librarian named Mr. Marble? (9)
IWB was the MC called trailer trash? (9)
IWB does the MC eat lunch in the library everyday? (10)
IWB does the MC carve soap? (13)
IWB did the MC’s mother change her name (Terri Lynn to Skyla)? (19)
IWB does one of the characters put tape on his shirt? (20)
IWB does the MC’s mother reappear after 7 years? (24)
IWB is the MC being raised by her great-grandmother?
IWB are the MC’s parents described as a pack of angry cats in a wood box? (28)
IWB does a trip to Spray ‘n Play the destination after any difficulty or cause for celebration? (75)
IWB does the MC’s mother clap her and leave a mark on her face? (121)
IWB does the MC’s mother have a problem with alcohol? (121)
IWB would you find OaXaca (wah-hah-kah)?
IWB does the MC search for her father? (135)
IWB is a certain kind of giant spider good luck? (151)
IWB do children use the phone without permission even though they know the adults wouldn’t approve? (166)
IWB does the MC look like her father? (178)
IWB are sparklers, candles, and firecrackers used to light the night? (183)
IWB is the MC given the honor of carving a lion? (193)
IWB are bowls thrown for good luck? (208)
IWB is a fishing boat named Soledad? (215)
IWB does a judge decide a family’s fate?
IWB is there a dog named Lulu? (Bernardo and Fabiola’s dog)? (91)
IWB do the characters name their home (Baby Beluga)? (130)
Which book is set in Avocado Acres in lemon Tree Oaks, CA? (3)
IWB is one of the characters afraid of a dog? (Clyde) (91)

IWB 1. Does the sister have a brother who was born with disabilities? P. 4
IWB 2. Is there an avocado grove right in the middle of the town? P. 4
IWB 3. Does the grandmother’s hair look blue in the sunlight? P. 5
IWB 4. Did a relative work as a seamstress for thirty-five years? P. 7
IWB 5. Did two friends watch Wheel of Fortune every night and had
watched 743 episodes without missing once? P. 8
IWB 6. Is a main character good at making lists? P. 9
IWB 7. Does the brother call his sister the center of a peanut butter
sandwich between two pieces of white bread? P 11
IWB 8. Does a main character carve soap into art work? P. 13
IWB 9. Does the mother reappear in the story to try to get to know her
children? P. 17-18
IWB 10. Was a boyfriend training to be a tattoo artist? P 22.
IWB 11. Does a young boy wear scotch tape on his clothes? P. 20
IWB 12. Does a woman change her name? P. 19-20
IWB 13. Does the mother get a divorce from her husband and return to
California to live with her grandmother? P. 29
IWB 14. Was there a miniature poodle named Lulu? P. 34
IWB 15. Was a bedroom used as a sewing room for alterations? P. 35-36
IWB 16. Did the father rescue the two children from a motel room in a
storm and bring them to an old church? P. 41-42
IWB 17. Did someone say “We’re going to weather this. Let’s just plant
plenty of sunshine in our brains.” P. 44
IWB 18. Did a woman need a young boy to help her move her hummingbird
feeder so Tom Cat would leave it alone? P. 45
IWB 19. Did someone have her hair put in French braids? P. 48-49
IWB 20. Did a child have a Japanese teacher for fifth grade? P. 52
IWB 21. Does a girl have a mom that works at ValueCity? P. 53
IWB 22. Does part of the main character’s name mean lion? P. 54
IWB 23. In what book is a teacher from Kalamazoo, Michigan? P. 59
IWB 24. In what book is bus transportation to school only in the mornings;
students must get picked up when school is out? P. 59
IWB 25. Was a relative in and out of rehab hospitals and halfway houses for
their alcohol and drug problems? P. 73
IWB 26. Was the Spray ‘n Play a favorite place to go after a difficulty or for a
celebration? P. 75
IWB 27. Does a young girl get picked on because of her last name? P. 67
IWB 28. Did a relative send money orders to a grandmother to help with his
children’s expenses? P. 80
IWB. 29. Did a woman color her hair pumpkin spice and wear matching lipstick
called pumpkin pie? P. 90
IWB 30. Is it mentioned about a tradition where people carve items out of
radishes and some are giant radishes? P. 93
IWB 31. Did a mother win several games of checkers against her son? P. 101
IWB 32. Does a young boy see doctors every three months? P. 104
IWB 33. Did a bride lose so much weight that her dress has to be altered? P. 108
IWB 34. Did a woman throw a business card on the table at a doctor after it was
given to her? P. 116
IWB 35. Did a main character pull plastic travel bottles from a purse to consume
alcohol? P. 116
IWB. 36. Did a woman slap a child across the face? 120
IWB 37. Does someone keep saying “We’re like two peas in a pod?” P. 121
IWB 38. Did a brother and sister run out of a trailer to get away from someone?
P. 122
IWB 39. Was one told “The last few days you’ve had a permanent wrinkled brow?”
P. 128
IWB 40. Did someone awake and think that an earthquake was taking place? P. 129
IWB 41. Does a mother have a drinking problem? P. 116
IWB 42. Does a main character miss parent-teacher conferences? P. 73
IWB 43. Was a man planning on getting his daughter back to live with him? P. 121
IWB 44. Was a couple planning on moving to Las Vegas? 121
IWB 45. Does the mother go for the first time to the doctors with her son? P. 112
IWB 46. Does the doctors tell the main character her son is going to be a FLK? P. 114
IWB 47. Does a main character always talk in such a quiet voice? P. 110
IWB 48. Is their home referred to as Baby Beluga? P. 3
IWB 49. Do some students eat their lunch daily in the library with the librarian? P. 56
IWB 50. Does a family head to Mexico in search of a father? P. 134
IWB 51. Does a family have a court hearing on January 7th? P. 134
IWB 52. Is there a yearly radish-carving festival? P. 135
IWB 53. Did two children pass the time on their trip calling out the states from
people’s license plates on cars? P. 139
IWB 54. Was there a setting that had cobblestone streets and homes behind
walls or fences? P. 144-145
IWB 55. Was a of meal eggs, tortillas, and spicy sausage served to the guests? P. 148
IWB 56. Did a secondary character work as a gardener at a hotel? P.150
IWB 57. Did a neighbor loan someone a card table and chairs? P. 151
IWB 58. Did three woman and a girl go to meet the cheese lady? P.154
IWB 59. Did a woman give a main character a strip of cheese? P. 156
IWB 60. Are three children making several phone calls in search of finding
someone? P. 164-165
IWB 61. Did the main character meet her great-aunt for the first time? P. 172
IWB 62.Was a girl given a photograph of her father when he was a young boy
and his father? P. 175
IWB 63. Did every person either hold a sparkler, candle, or firecracker to light
the night? P. 182
IWB 64. Did two young boys have the job of misting something with water
bottles? P.191
IWB 65. Did the workers place towels over their work and put them in coolers at
the end of the day? P. 193
IWB 66. Was a girl honored to make the lion? P. 193
IWB 67. Were several people gathering at the square park in the center of the
city for a special event? P. 197
IWB 68. Were there judges with clip boards? P. 202
IWB 69. Was there a man with a red baseball cap and white sports shoes? P. 207
IWB 70. Did people throw bowls into a courtyard for good luck? P. 208
IWB 71. Does a man make a living taking tourists out on a boat so they can fish? P. 215
IWB 72. Is a boat named after the children? P. 215
IWB 73. Did a man surprise a family in the night at their home? P. 211
IWB 74. Did the main character give her father something she had made that
helped win a prize? P. 216
IWB 75. Was a dog with only three legs made? P. 219
IWB 76. Was there a place named Avocado Acres? P. 221
IWB 77. Were the last days in a particular city spent with their father, visiting
many places? P. 224
IWB 78. Was there a long good-bye of hugging, kissing, and crying take place? P. 225
IWB 79. Did a mediator the main characters with several questions? P.228
IWB 80. Was a main character told to be brave? P. 225
IWB 81. Did a judge rule against the recommendations of the mediator? P. 239
IWB 82. Did a woman with-hold information from a mediator representing the
court? P. 239
IWB 83. Did a mother try to say her daughter was telling little white lies? P. 237
IWB 84. Did a main character become stronger in the end, even her voice became
louder? P. 243
IWB 85. Did a family member say they would stay in touch by writing? P. 226