Charlotte's Web by E.B. White

In which book...
  1. does a character try to pull an axe out of her father’s hand? (3)
  2. does the MC (main character) say he’s tired of living? (16)
  3. does the MC fall for the old pail trick? (22)
  4. does the MC think I’m really too young to go out into the world along? (24)
  5. does rain ruin the MC’s plan for the day? (27)
  6. does the MC want love more than food? (27)
  7. would you find tunnels all over the place? (30)
  8. does the MC spend a lot of time crying? (30)
  9. does the MC have a hard time sleeping because his stomach is empty and his mind is full? (32)
  10. is one of the characters not entirely happy about what she eats? (39)
  11. does the MC have a friend who he thinks is fierce, brutal, scheming and blood thirsty? (41) also pretty and clever, kind hearted, loyal and true to the end? (41)
  12. does a character (Templeton) have a habit of picking up unusual objects and storing them? (45)
  13. does one of the characters have no moral, no conscience, no scruples, no decency, no friendliness? (46)
  14. are flies hated, detested and loathed? (48)
  15. does the MC put on a lot of weight? (49)
  16. is there a Christmastime conspiracy (to kill Wilbur)? (49)
  17. is the MC advised, “Never Hurry, Never Worry?” (64)
  18. would you find the best swing in the county? (68)
  19. does a rotten egg save a life? (73)
  20. are an orange peel and fish tail parts of a delicious meal? (75)
  21. does a miracle happen? (80)
  22. is getting poison ivy, stung by wasps and bees considered fine? (112)
  23. does a little maple tree turn bright red with anxiety? (114)
  24. do the MC’s friends worry he’ll become stuck up? (115)
  25. does the MC realize friendship is one of the most satisfying things in the world? (115)
  26. does the MC take a bath in buttermilk? (120)
  27. does the MC faint? (127)
  28. is a blanket just what was need on a hot summer day? (137)
  29. is there a magnum opus (great work)? (144)
  30. does one of the characters eat so much his stomach was as big around as a jelly jar? (Templeton) (147)
  31. does the MC faint when he’s embarrassed? (159)
  32. does the MC win $25 and a medal? (159)
  33. does one of the characters pretend to be bathing after he is doused with water? (162)
  34. does the MC’s best friend die? (171)
  35. does the MC see snow for the first time? (173)
  36. do the frogs signal springtime? (176)
  37. is the air filled with “balloonists”? (180)
  38. Was a pig no bigger than a white rat?
  39. Was a brother heavily armed with an air rifle in one hand and a wooden dagger in the other?
  40. Was a girl up at daylight, trying to rid the world of injustice?
  41. Was pigs only distributed to early risers?
  42. Did a weakling make trouble?
  43. Was an animal saved from an untimely death?
  44. Did a character answer that Wilbur was the capital of Pennsylvania?
  45. Did a girl worry that her pet would be cold at night?
  46. Did a baby sleep covered up, and stay warm at night?
  47. Did a girl slowly and smoothly stroll her two infants so as not to wake them?
  48. Was there a very large old barn that smelled of tired horses and patient cows?
  49. Did an uncle buy a pig for $6.00?
  50. Was a character less than two months old and tired of living?
  51. Did a character feel queer to be outside his fence with nothing between him and the big world?
  52. Was the world a wonderful place when you’re young?
  53. Was the event of a creature breaking loose, an event of great interest to others?
  54. Was an hour of freedom worth a barrel of slops?
  55. Did a pig decide he was really too young to go out into the world alone?
  56. Did a rainy day upset a character’s plans?
  57. Did a character not want food, but love and someone to play with?
  58. Did a character ask,"How can something be less than nothing?"
  59. Did lambs not play with pigs?
  60. Did a character prefer to spend his time eating, gnawing, spying, and hiding, rather than playing?
  61. Was the worst day of a character’s life when he received two spoonfuls of sulphur and a little molasses?
  62. Did a character wonder why a rat would stay up all night, grinding his clashers and destroying people’s property?
  63. Did a character say the quickest way to spoil a friendship is by waking somebody up in the morning before he is ready?
  64. Was "Salutations!" just a fancy way of saying hello or good morning?
  65. Did a character feel sorry for a fly, even though he detested flies?
  66. Did a character love blood and drink the blood of flies and bugs?
  67. Was a character from a long line of trappers?
  68. Was friendship considered a gamble?
  69. Did a character have a bold and cruel exterior, but underneath have a kind heart that would prove to be loyal and true to the very end?
  70. Were the early summer days on a farm the happiest and fairest days of the year?
  71. Was everywhere you look, life; even the little ball of spit on the weed stalk, if you poke it apart, has a green worm inside it?
  72. Did a goose know a day in advance, that her eggs were hatching?
  73. Was seven a lucky number? (7 goslings)
  74. Was an eighth egg a dud?
  75. Did a rat roll an egg away and add it to his nasty collection?
  76. Did everyone know a rat would kill a gosling if he could get away with it?
  77. Could a rotten egg be a regular stink bomb?
  78. Was a pig going to be turned into smoked bacon and ham?
  79. Did a spider calm a hysterical pig?
  80. Did a young girl ramble on about talking animals?
  81. were a spiders legs hairy for a good reason?
  82. Did it take men eight whole years to build the Queensborough Bridge?
  83. Did a character do her thinking when hanging head-down with all the blood in her head?
  84. Contained the advice: "Never hurry and never worry!"?
  85. Did a character offer to help another character with her plan, no matter how slight?
  86. Were people not as smart as bugs?
  87. Did a character think if she thought long enough about a problem, an idea would come to her mind?
  88. Did a frog splash soapy dishwater onto blueberry pie?
  89. Had the best swing in the county?
  90. Did a rotten goose egg save a characters life?
  91. Did a rat say it pays to save everything; never throw anything away?
  92. Did a man think he was seeing things on a foggy morning?
  93. Did a man receive a sign that a miracle had happened on a farm?
  94. Did a minister say a community was visited by a wondrous animal?
  95. Had a rather queer childfull of notions?
  96. Were secrets hard to keep?
  97. Was a child sent to bed without any supper as punishment?
  98. Did a web prove that humans must always be on the watch for the coming of wonders?
  99. Did a goose have an idiosyncrasy?
  100. Did people believe almost anything they saw in print?
  101. Did a rat have access to old magazine?
  102. Did a character not think himself "Terrific"?
  103. Did having an important pig, going to mean plenty of extra work?
  104. Was a character not going to spend all his time chasing down to a dump for advertising material?
  105. Did a character feel radiant?
  106. Did straw seem scratchy, not as comfortable as cow manure, which was delightfully soft to lie in?
  107. Was there a story told to a character about a cousin in a never-to-be-forgotten battle?
  108. Was there a cousin who was an aeronaut, otherwise known as a balloonist?
  109. Was a barn cellar a very sociable place, not at all lonely?
  110. Was a spiders web considered miraculous?
  111. Did a doctor not understand everything, and didnt intend to let it worry him?
  112. Did a doctor say people are incessant talkers?
  113. Did a doctor believe if people talked less, animals would talk more?
  114. Did a boy get into poison ivy, get stung by wasps and bees, and breaks everything he lays his hands on?
  115. Did crickets sing a song of summers ending, a sad, monotonous song?
  116. Did a character remain modest, and fame did not spoil him?
  117. Was friendship one of the most satisfying things in the world?
  118. Did "versatile" mean turning with ease from one thing to another?
  119. Did a man lay dreaming that he was throwing baseballs at a cloth cat and winning a genuine Navajo blanket/
  120. Did a pig receive a buttermilk bath?
  121. Was a fair a rats paradise?
  122. Did someone who knew how to write, need to go to a Fair?
  123. Did a fair have enough disgusting leftover food to satisfy a whole army of rats?
  124. Was there two stowaways in a crate filled with straw?
  125. Did a father caution, "Watch out for pickpockets!"?
  126. Was there a warning not to eat a lot of stuff thats going to make you sick?
  127. Was a fair a good place to start growing up?
  128. Was a blanket spread across the sideboards of a truck to make a little tent?
  129. Was there the music of a merry-go-round and the voice of the man in the beano booth calling numbers?
  130. Did humble mean "not proud" and "near the ground"?
  131. Was there an egg sac referred to as a "magnum opus"?
  132. Was there a peachy little egg sac that held five hundred and fourteen eggs?
  133. Would a mother never see her children?
  134. Did languishing mean slowing up, feeling ones age?
  135. Was everything well-ripened and seasoned with the passage of time and the heat of the day?
  136. Was a heart not beating as strongly as usual and there was a feeling of being weary and old?
  137. Was there a miracle that was never fully explained?
  138. Was there a special prize of twenty-five dollars and a handsome bronze medal?
  139. Did a rat bite a pigs tail?
  140. Did a boy pretend to take a shower bath, dance around and rub imaginary soap under his armpits?
  141. Was being a friend a tremendous thing?
  142. Did a rat save an egg sac?
  143. Was there never a kind word for a rat?
  144. Did a pig make a deal with a rat?
  145. Did a grey spider play the most important part of all?
  146. Is the most fun being in the top car on a ferris wheel, seeing everything for miles and miles and miles?
  147. Had a rat that said "Who wants to live forever?"
  148. Was life always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or hatch?
  149. Did frogs announce springtime?
  150. Was the air filled with tiny balloons, each balloon carrying a spider?
  151. Did aeronauts need a warm updraft to go out into the world?
  152. Did three friends decide to live on a farm in a barn cellar?
  153. Was there a hallowed doorway in a barn cellar?
  154. Was a spider in a class all by herself?
  155. Was there a good friend and a good writer.