The Dollhouse Murders by Betty Ren Wright

  1. IWB does the MC think that this will be the shortest friendship on record? (p 2)
  2. IWB does the MC loose her sister in the Mall? (p. 1)
    IWB does the MC’s sister talk to a puppet? (p. 3)
  3. IWB does the MC want to have a double birthday party with her friend? (p. 4)
  4. IWB does a MC break a tulip? (p. 5)
  5. IWB does the MC hate it when other people insult her sister? (p. 7)
  6. IWB is the MC upset that her new friend can’t go on a picnic to Rainbow Falls? (p. 8)
  7. IWB is the MC sick of babysitting her sister? (p. 10)
  8. IWB does the MC run away? (p. 12)
  9. IWB does the MC’s aunt stay in her great grandparent’s house? (p. 13)
  10. IWB does the MC love miniatures? (p. 16)
  11. IWB does a MC get a dollhouse for her fifteenth birthday? (p. 17)
  12. IWB does the MC find something in the attic, that at the time, seemed like a good sign? (p. 19)
  13. IWB does the MC’s aunt live in Chicago (p.20)
    IWB does the MC take a vacation from her sister? (p. 23)
  14. IWB does the MC “feel sadness in the air” at her great grandparent’s house? (p.24)
  15. IWB does the MC’s aunt have painful memories? (p. 27)
  16. IWB does a MC go to live with her relative until school is out? (p. 27)
  17. IWB does the story take place at the end of the school year? (p.23)
  18. IWB do raccoons raid the garbage can at night? (p.22)
    IWB does the aunt make fudge? (p. 26)
  19. IWB is a MC given a vase made by her sister? (p. 30)
  20. IWB do raccoons tip over a garbage can? (p.41)
  21. IWB does the aunt think that her neice would be better off if she learned some independence? (p. 43)
  22. IWB does the aunt offer to give a double birthday party? (p. 43)
  23. IWB does the MC consider her aunt to be wise, brave and unpredictable? (p. 43)
  24. IWB does a MC plan a double birthday party with a friend? (p. 44)
  25. IWB does the MC and best friend try to solve the mystery of her great grandparent’s death? (p. 47)
  26. IWB does a MC play detective while looking for clues in the obituaries? (p. 47)
    IWB does the MC and her friend go to the library to read the obituaries? (p. 48)
  27. IWB does the MC discover that her great grandparents were murdered by reading it in old newspapers? (p. 50)
  28. IWB is a five-year-old boy in the closet while his grandparents are being killed? (p. 50)
  29. IWB was the aunt’s boyfriend killed in a car accident many years ago? (p. 52)
  30. IWB does the sister make potholders? (p. 56)
  31. IWB does the MC’s friend think that the house is haunted? (p. 56)
    IWB does the MC feel that she says and does the wrong things to her aunt? (p. 58)
  32. IWB is a MC accused of lying to her aunt? (p. 59)
  33. IWB is the MC screamed at and accused of lying by her aunt? (p. 62)
  34. IWB does the MC get Charlie perfume and a t-shirt that says: I love pizza and pizza loves me to wear at the birthday party? (p. 69)
  35. IWB does the MC hope that the noises that she hears are mice? (p. 76)
  36. IWB does the MC become a teenager on her birthday? (p. 84)
  37. IWB is the MC upset that her sister is coming to her birthday party? (p. 87)
  38. IWB are fortunes told at a birthday party? (p. 93)
  39. IWB does a MC make cocoa? (p.134)
    IWB does the MC’s sister wake up and leave her bedroom in the middle of the night? (p.103)
  40. IWB do books slid off the shelves? (p. 104)
  41. IWB does a MC go to Rainbow Falls for a picnic? (p/111)
  42. IWB does the MC decide that her sister is not a burden? (p. 113)
  43. IWB was a desk in the parlor moved over in front of the door? (p.114)
  44. IWB does a storm at night make an old house seem spooky? (p.128)
  45. IWB did a sheet of paper tucked in a book reveal a murderer? (p. 139)
  46. IWB is something found in a book an important clue to a mystery? (p. 141)