In which book...

  1. does a character spend a whole afternoon tidying up an office? (5)
  2. does a character write a letter pretending to be someone else? (13)
  3. does a character get excited about an ad in the newspaper? (16)
  4. does a character feel the emptiness of a chair "like something big and heavy and dark"? (4)
  5. did a couple get lost on their way to Lake Junaluska? (6)
  6. does a character feel a jab with every phrase written? (8)
  7. does a character have a collection of little china horses? (10)
  8. does a character peek in the drawers, on top of the closet shelf and under the bed hoping to find a trace of someone? (12)
  9. does a character realize you can fool a person, a dog, a cat or a horse or a teacher or a friend but not ever a heart? (14)
  10. does a father decide to buy a new life? (16)
  11. does a character get a package from Henryville, Indiana? (19)
  12. does a character say nearly every day, "Aren't we lucky"? (21)
  13. are a cowboy boot, a starfish, a barrel, a mouse, a Vermont map, a bear, a palm tree, the Statue of Liberty and a cactus examined? (24)
  14. does a character hate freckles and red hair? (32)
  15. does a character wish to sit at a picnic table and eat bologna sandwiches and drink Kool-Aid? (32)
  16. dos a car rattle, then let out one big cough before the engine dies? (35)
  17. does a character clench hands into tight fists at the end of stiff skinny arms? (36)
  18. does a character say, "I never did like eggs much, anyway"? (38)
  19. does a character dream of a young strong handsome man wearing his army uniform and dancing the jitterbug? (41)
  20. does a character look down at her hands, touch her arms, feel her hair just to make sure she wasn't disappearing? (43)
  21. does a character make a model of something with goopy clay? (46)
  22. does a character see souvenir shops, country stores, vegetable stands and flea markets? (47)
  23. is a kitchen's sink filled with dishes? (51)
  24. is a character approached by a "wild haired woman in short shorts and flapping sandals? (52)
  25. does a woman and her son close a door without so much as a thank you? (57)
  26. do tires make a crunching sound on gravel that seems to echo? (58)
  27. does a character wonder why anyone would want to keep an awful old place like this? (61)
  28. does a bed not look much better than a lumpy pull out couch? (69)
  29. does a character go outside and sit in a rocking chair made out of tree branches? (70)
  30. do a character's bare feet make soft, slapping noises on the pavement? (72)
  31. does a character have bunk beds that used to belong to Cousin Audrey? (72)
  32. does a character wonder if the insurance bill has been paid? (73)
  33. does a character's hair look almost white in the morning sun? (79)
  34. is a character's shorts snagged and arms scratched by pricker bushes? (81)
  35. is a tiny china horse given to bring good luck? (84)
  36. does a character sit all hunched over and droopy looking? (89)
  37. does a box of earthly possessions come through the mail? (93)
  38. does a character fall asleep in an old lounge chair dreaming about Dolly Parton? (99)
  39. are a character's troubles piling up, one on top of the other, like a brick wall? (100)
  40. does a character put a sparkly poodle dog pin with shiny green eyes in his pocket with the yo-yo? (107)
  41. does a character feel a cobweb stretch across her face and hair? (124)
  42. does a character say, "That's upid-stay"? (139)
  43. does an object in a pocket become heavier and heavier? (141)
  44. are kin so busy waiting for a character to do something bad that they miss out on that character doing something good? (180)
  45. does every one stop to help when a bus pulls in? (184)