Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary20 questions submitted 11/20/08 by J. Davis, Griggs

In which book....
  1. does a character write licked instead of liked? p. 1
  2. is a favorite book character Joe’s dad? P. 3
  3. does a character write because it beats mowing the lawn? P. 11
  4. did a t.v. not get repaired because a character’s mom thought it was rotting their brain? P. 16
  5. does a gondola haul loose stuff like carrots? P. 17
  6. is there a Taco King and a Softee Freeze down the road? P. 22
  7. is there a gas station that goes ping-ping, ping-ping every time a car drives in? p. 22
  8. is California’s Great Central Valley described as so boring that the cattle on the feedlot don’t even bother to moo? P. 24
  9. does a character sort of hide in the shrubbery when they arrive to school early ? p. 28
  10. does a character imagine sitting in the cab of a 40 ft. reefer? P. 29
  11. is one shoe described as sad, like a country-western song? P.41
  12. does a trucker play Santa? P. 43
  13. do retainers get thrown in the garbage? P. 47
  14. is a sugar refinery going to shut down? P.64
  15. is it pointed out that hawks sit on telephone wires waiting for little animals to get run over? P. 65
  16. is a CB radio used to communicate? P. 66
  17. do butterflies turn into brown sticks? P. 84
  18. does a character refer to someone as pizza boy? P. 111
  19. is it discovered that a winning poem had been copied out of a book? P. 115
  20. does a character wait for a reefer to be loaded with broccoli in Salinas? P. 128
  21. does the MC (main character) read his first thick book with chapters? (2)
  22. does the MC have a black dog named Bandit? (2)
  23. is there a dog that howls along with singing? (3)
  24. does the MC hate living in a mobile home park? (4)
  25. does the MC get an A- on a book report because he didn’t stand on 2 feet? (5)
  26. does the MC’s mom say he can’t go through life expecting everyone to do everything for him?
  27. does the MC say his parents names (Bill and Bonnie Botts) sound like something out of a comic strip? (14)
  28. is the MC nicknamed the flea? – as in Leigh the Flea? (15)
  29. does the MC’s dad a truck driver? (16)
  30. did the MC’s parents get divorced because of a truck? (16)
  31. does the MC’s mom work for a caterer? (18)
  32. is the MC’s mom studying to be a LVN (licensed vocational nurse)? (18)
  33. does the MC live in CA? (20)
  34. does the MC live next door to a gas station with a pinger? (22)
  35. is the pinger turned turned off at 10pm? (22)
  36. is the MC’s TV broken? (23)
  37. does the MC’s dog get his name b/c he had a red bandanna when they found him? (24) Bandit
  38. is the MC in 6th grade?
  39. is the MC’s favorite teacher the custodian, Mr. Findley? (26)
  40. does someone steal the MC’s lunch? (29)
  41. does the MC help with the flags before school? (35)
  42. does the MC keep a diary/journal? (39)
  43. does the MC’s dad have to dodge the highway patrol to get home in time for Christmas? (41)
  44. does the MC’s family make up songs about one shoe? (42)
  45. does the MC write a pseudonym on his lunch bag? (46)
  46. does the MC get 2 postcards in one day? (58)
  47. does the MC tape up his lunch? (50)
  48. do the MC and his mother eat frozen chicken pies for dinner? (51)
  49. does the MC lie awake at night worrying that something might happen to his mom? (57)
  50. does the MC worry he’ll never see his dad again because th sugar refinery in town is going to shut down? (64)
  51. does the MC say he hates his dad? (67)
  52. does a big golf tournament mean mom doesn’t have to worry about meeting the rent? (67)
  53. does a dog get lost in a snow storm? (71)
  54. does the MC eat mashed potatoes with chicken bones? (77)
  55. is the MC saved from being a mean-eyed lunch kicker? (81)
  56. would you find butterfly trees? (82)
  57. does the MC rig up a burgler alarm? (85)
  58. does the MC enter a young writers competition? (85)
  59. does the MC write a story entitled The Ten-Foot Was Man? (85)
  60. does the MC go to the library for books about batteries? (94)
  61. does the MC win honorable mention (and is upset about it)? (113)
  62. does a girl copy a poem out of a book? (115) plagiarize
  63. would you find Super Librarian? (116)
  64. does a real live author call the MC an author? (121)
  65. does the MC say he’d be happy to see all the broccoli in California trucked to Ohio? (133)
  66. does broccoli bring the MC’s dad to town? (133)
  67. does the MC’s dad call him Kid? (127)
  68. does the MC give his dad his dog? (133)