Submitted by Jo Sorrell, Mabel School, Zionville, NC

Jackson Jones and the Puddle of Thorns by Mary Quattlebaum

Paperback – Yearling c 1994

1. IWB does a character ponder the story of George Washington chopping down the cherry tree and how he owned right up to doing it? P 1
2. IWB does is a character tired of reading about GREAT PEOPLE, and would like to read a story about a real guy who was not so GREAT. P 2
3. IWB does the story begin on the main character’s 10th birthday? P 2
4. IWB is a mother making her son a red velvet cake for his birthday? P
5. IWB are does a character refer to he and his friend as the perfect team, because one can draw and the other can write? P4
6. IWB does a character say the word “Begone,” is hero talk? P 5
7. IWB does a woman holler when she talks because she can’t hear very well? P 6
8. IWB does the main character’s mailman live in the same apartment building as he does? P 7
9. IWB does a character think he will feel truly grown up if his mother gives him money for his birthday? P 9
10. IWB is a character embarrassed because his mother talks to her plants to make them healthier? P 10
11. IWB does a character named after his mother’s old horse? P 10
12. IWB does a mother wish her son could grow up in the country instead of the city?? P 10
13. IWBG does a character unwrap his gifts carefully so the paper can be reused? P 12
14. IWB does a character get for his birthday, “Plot five one?”p 15
15. IWB is a character disappointed he didn’t get a basketball for his birthday? P 16
16. IWB does a character think his friend is the smartest person he knows because she can speak 2 languages? P 17
17. IWB does a character think the flower’s name, Nasturtiums sounds like a nasty word? P 19
18. IWB does a character plan to earn extra money by selling flowers? P20
19. IWBG does a character draw a diagram of a garden? P 22
20. IWB does a mother worry that her son has no male role model in his life? P 26
21. IWB does a mother read books on raising children? P 26
22. IWB does a salesclerk think a boy is trying to distract him so his friend can steal from his store? P 28
23. IWB is a character shocked that his friend is going to pay four dollars for a bag of “doo doo?” p 32
24. IWB does a character claim that 2 wild youngsters have the “survival instincts of sewer rats?” p 33
25. IWB does a character change his name from Howard to, “Blood.” P 35
26. IWB does a character mockingly call another character, “Flower boy?” p 36
27. IWB is there a stick with a small sign that reads, “PLOT 5-1?” p 39
28. IWB does a character convince his mother to buy him an expensive pair of shoes by saying they will save her money because he can wear them to school, church and to play basketball? P 40
29. IWB does a mail carrier demonstrate how to fertilize soil and plant seeds? P 43
30. IWB do characters have mud washed off of their legs and feet with a water hose? P 43
31. IWB does a character want to surprise his mother with his flower garden on her birthday? P44
32. IWB does a character plan to sell his mother’s birthday present right after he gives it to her? P 45
33. IWB do characters scream at the bare earth? P 5
34. IWB is a character terribly excited to see a tiny green shoot in the soil? P 48
35. IWB does a character wear Air Jordan’s? P 49
36. IWB does a character cuddle a dead plant? P 49
37. IWB does a character's feet hurt because they have wood chips dug into them? P 51
38. IWB does a character like to chant insults to others in rhyme? P49, 50, 52
39. IWB does a rosebush look like a pile of mean sticks? P 53
40. IWB does a boy have a business partner? P 55
41. IWB does a character take great care when he slowly ties his shoes? P 55, 56
42. IWB does a character relieve his anger by pulling weeds? P 56
43. IWB does a character tape an envelope of money to a door? P 59
44. IWB does a character choose to work instead of playing basketball? p 62
45. IWB does a boy’s, “ex – friend” do a friendly deed for him? P 63
46. IWB does a toddler constantly suck its thumb? P 67
47. IWB does a character count flowers? p 68
48. IWB does a character tell another that he had cheated his best friend? P 68
49. IWB does a character clean a young child’s face with the hem of a T-Shirt? P 69
50. IWB does a character scream at passing cars? P 72
51. IWB is does a woman have big shiny hair, lips the color of zinnias, and blue painted eye lids? P 72
52. IWB does a four-year-old have dandelions in their hair? P 73
53. IWB does a customer wear too much perfume? P 79
54. IWB does a ten-spot weigh heavy on a characters mind? P 75
55. IWB does a character rate another on a mean scale of one to ten with him being a solid 13? P 78
56. IWB does a character feel his cool reputation at school has been shot due to a nickname an enemy gave him? P 78
57. IWB is a character’s favorite sandwich tuna with celery and lots of mayonnaise p 78
58. IWB is a character told he is too old to go to college? P 80
59. IWB is there a garden of flowers with no blooms, just bare stems? P 85
60. IWB does a boy falsely tell his teacher he is late for school because he woke up sick? P 86
61. IWB does a character start a fight with his enemy at school? P 88-89
62. IWB does a mother have to pick her child up early from school because he got into trouble? P 89
63. IWB does a character’s birthday present turn out to be nothing but trouble? P 91
64. IWB does a mother- to -be have trouble deciding whether to name her baby after her favorite flower or her favorite horse? P 91
65. IWB is a character’s favorite flower, the rose? P 92
66. IWB do the characters celebrate a birthday at a place called the Space Shuttle Grill? P 92
67. IWB is there a “garden,” of bows? P 96
68. IWB when a character told that he is “slow”, he corrects his friend with, not slow, “precise?” p 99
69. IWB does a mother buy a birthday present for herself? P 100
70. IWB does a character attempt to make perfume out of flower petals soaking in oil? P 103, 104
71. IWB is there a song about el gato in a sombrero,” Which means “cat in a hat?” p 106
72. IWB does a character compare his friend to, Lazarus, a character in the Bible who came back from the dead? P 109 – 111
73. IWB does a character realize his goal in the end of the story as he purchases a basketball? P 111

Jackson Jones and the Puddle of Thorns by Mary Quattlebaum

Which book begins on April 10th, the MC’s birthday? (3)

IWB does the MC write a comic strip (Captain Nemo)? (4)

IWB do two friends fight over Captain Nemo (comic strip)?

IWB would you find planet Huzaroni? (4)

IWB does the MC live in an apartment and think apartments are the perfect way to live? (7)

IWB does the MC walk slowly to make the day longer? (9)

IWB does the MC’s mom say the city is no place for a boy? (10)

IWB is the MC named after a horse? (10)

IWB would you find plot five one? (15)

IWB is the MC’s mama always worried about raising him right? (25)

IWB is the MC called Mr. Cool? (15)

IWB is the MC a rooter? (16)

IWB does the MC’s friend (juana) speak two languages? (English and Spanish) (17)

IWB is the MC’s best friend (Rueben) glad his birthday is in August? (19)

IWB does a character say her siblings have the survival instincts of sewer rats? (33)

IWB does a character change his name from Howard to Blood? (35)

IWB is every bow tied by one of the characters a work of art? (40)

IWB is the MC’s best friend S-L-O-W? (55)

IWB does a 10 spot weigh kind heavy? (75)

IWB does th eMC’s friend call him a cheat? (77)

IWB does the MC fantasize about being a super hero? (78)

IWB does the MC plan his will? (86)

IWB does the MC start a fight during recess? (87)

IWB does the MC celebrate his mother’s birthday at the space shuttle grill? (92)

IWB are there 70 perfect bows? (96)

IWB is the MC’s teacher Mrs. Wanbe? (97)

IWB does the MC punch the wrong man? (101)

IWB does one of the characters try to make perfume? (104)

IWB does one of the characters suck his thumb? (105)

IWB is the MC nicknamed Boo-Kay? (111)