In which book...

  1. do letters tell part of the story?
  2. do characters eat a lot of zucchini?
  3. did an old chicken lay eggs?
  4. did a character get mad because someone visited their grandchild?
  5. did a character's grandfather drive into a lake?
  6. was a character's wig hanging from a tree?
  7. does a character drive a get away car? (1)
  8. is a character's mailbox a hole in a silver maple tree?(5)
  9. is a house painted shell shock pink? (25)
  10. does a character receive a plane ticket to Hawaii? (31)
  11. does a character recite a poem about fireflies? (30)
  12. is a peanut butter and zucchini sandwich eaten? (47)
  13. is a character invited to visit and make rootbeer floats? (67)
  14. does a character receive a shipment of 400 pairs of flip-flops? (186)