In which book…

  1. does a character get trapped because of something shiny?
  2. does a slightly damaged cinder block make a house?
  3. does a widow manage to keep her children happy and well ged?
  4. does a character search for something green, only to find only pine needles and holly?
  5. is a carefully stored supply of food a treasure?
  6. does a character make a crude carrying bag out of a corn husk?
  7. is a character’s smartest most thoughtful childe also the frailest?
  8. did a spider bite most likely be the cause of a character’s frail health?
  9. is Pipsissewa used as a spring time?
  10. does a character’s bout of pneumonia cause problems for his family?
  11. is a character’s life risked because of a crow and a piece of string?
  12. does a beautiful spring day cause a character to worry?
  13. does a character remember her husband’s words, “All doors are hard to unlock until you have the key.”?
  14. does a starting tractor fill a character with alarm?
  15. does a twelve year old boy have an annoying habit of skimming rocks across the grass at anything that moved?
  16. does a sleeping cat first cause alarm then puzzlement?
  17. was a thick black electric cable hauled through the grass?
  18. is dusk the best time to ask a Character a question?
  19. did a character imply that either one family member will die alone, or they will all die together?
  20. does a character say “If you need me, just ask. After all, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here to ask.”?
  21. does tunnel lighting have the effect of stained glass windows?
  22. is the Plan printed on a blackboard?
  23. does a character need a reading glass to see?
  24. is sleeping powder put in Dragon’s food?
  25. did running from a bowl cause one character to break a leg and another to lose his life?
  26. were characters treated well despite some very small, quick flashes of pain?
  27. do injections given at least twice a week change twenty lives?
  28. does a character experience electric shock when touching a floor?
  29. does teaching characters how to read help teach them how to escape?
  30. is a thread anchored to a screwdriver a guide out?
  31. do characters not know where to go because they don’t know who they are?
  32. do six characters get blown away in an air shaft never to be seen again?
  33. do experimental injections set a group apart from their own kind?
  34. do characters learn to use a can opener and enjoy their first taste of clam chowder?
  35. is the greatest treasure found in a mansion the study?
  36. do characters live in a mansion until a wealthy couple return from their hon eymoon?
  37. do characters spend a winter reading and practicing writing?
  38. is a cave the chief workshop?
  39. is a plow designed to be pulled by eight so that in a day of hard work an ten by fifteen patch of earth can be turned over?
  40. is “The Plan” living without stealing?
  41. does a Toy Tinker leave behind valuable tools and machinery?
  42. does a character learn about a race where no matter how fast you run, you don’t get anywhere?
  43. do characters dislike thieving and fear being found out more than being caught?
  44. does a character consider people as cow, taking from them as the farmer takes eggs from the chicken or milk from a cow?
  45. does a character say “We’re just living on the edge of somebody else’s [civilization], like fleas on a dog’s back. If the dog drowns, the fleas drown too.”?
  46. does stealing not bother a character?
  47. does a character react angrily to new that machinery will be destroyed?
  48. does an electrocution attract the attention of the Federal government>
  49. does a character race against time to save a group from cyanide poisoning?
  50. does a character say,” I had a feeling the first time I clapped eyes on you that you’d bring us good luck”?