The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall

  1. IWB does a dog eat the map? (2)
  2. IWB does a character write stories about a heroine who rescues animals? (5)
  3. IWB does a character sleep in two different beds, depending on the day of the week? (17)
  4. IWB does a character have a lucky camouflage hat? (17)
  5. IWB does a character hide in a large urn that has three inches of water at the bottom? (24)
  6. IWB is a character named after her mother but called by a nickname? (32)
  7. IWB is a character very careful about which door to knock on when visiting a house for the first time? (42)
  8. IWB did a character have to give away a pet iguana because his mother was allergic to it? (47)
  9. IWB did a character insult a boy's mother twice in two days? (28, 50)

Which book is set in Arundel (1)
IWB are the chars lost b/c a dog ate their map? (2)
IWB do the chars play “I went to the zoo and I saw…” (3)
IWB does one of the char wear butterfly wings?
IWB would you find the heroine Sabrina Starr? (5)
IWB are tomatoes a present? (7)
IWB does a dog throw up on a pair of sneakers? (9)
IWB is there a char who is most interested in plants? (11)
IWB does Hound draw for order? (15)
IWB does a char decide to sleep on one bed M,W,F and another T,R,S witching beds on Sunday?
IWB does a char speak in Latin? (21)
IWB is there a tunnel in a hedge? (24)
IWB does a char hid in an urn? (24)
IWB does a char wear snooty high heels? (24)
IWB is a char named after her mother? Elizabeth – Batty (32)
IWB did the mother die of cancer? (33)
IWB is there a rescued Rose? (39)
IWB are rabbits a common interest? (40)
IWB was the simplest door selected over the fancy carved oak door? (42)
IWB would you find Mrs. Churchill, the housekeeper? (44)
IWB is the dog a secret? (44)
IWB is a char teaching herself algebra? (43)
IWB are cookies broiled to blackness? (50)
IWB does smoke from burned cookies fill the kitchen? (51)
IWB is someone rescued from a bull? (62)
IWB does a dog have his own peculiar brand of ESP? (65)
IWB are char stuck indoors b/c of a bully? (77)
IWB do chars rescued from a tree? (79)
IWB is a rope ladder used for escape? (81)
IWB would you find Churchie? (81)
Which book is set in Massachusetts? (83)
IWB would you find a kitchen for kings/ (83)
IWB would you find Gingerbread with whipped cream and strawberries on top? (84)
IWB is the attic full of so many wonderful things you could get lost and never care about finding the way out? (86)
IWB is there a perfect week? (94)
IWB is one of the char writing a book? (95)
IWB does a char get gum stuck in her hair? (97)
IWB do a char’s shoes sound like monster jellyfish with feet? (101)
IWB is a char compared to the ice queen of Narnia? (103)
IWB does a char get a golf bag and clubs as a b-day gift? (105)
UWB is a ceiling painted with people in togas eating grapes? (107)
IWB is there a dog named Hound?
IWB do the chars waltz? (116)
IWB are soccer balls kicked at the marble thunderbolt man? (125)
IWB does one char wish another char’s mustache would turn green or orange or fall of his face onto the ground? (130)
IWB does a char have a blue elephant named Funty? (148)

IWB does a char run away to go home? (145)
IWB is a char saved from being hit by a car? (150)
IWB does a char plan to have a wedding with a dog of honor? (155)
IWB are 2 soccer balls named? (159) Dexter and Pencey Military Academy
IWB do the char play two on one slaughter? (161)
IWB do the chars catch lightening bugs? (167)
IWB is a civil war book given as an apology present? (171)
IWB does one char try to teach another to play the piano? (180)
IWB does a char fall into a pond at midnight? (201)
IWB does a char publish a magazine named “Lines on the Road? (219)
IWB does a boy pack a backpack and run away? (223)
IWB does everyone hat Pennsylvania (226) b/c Pensey is there
IWB does a char think maybe he’ll pass his father on the street someday and recognize him? (129)
IWB does a char not know his father’s last name?

IWB does a char have a hard time getting his mother to listen to him?

IWB does a char give away her wings? (261)