In which book...

  1. does a character ride his bike every morning to pick up a bundle of papers? (1)
  2. is May a favorite month-not too hot, not too cold? (1)
  3. does a character like the leftovers?
  4. is a homemade doughnut and a glass of milk waiting on the end of the counter? (3)
  5. does a character see a face in an upstairs window? (3)
  6. does a school day seem to last forever when the weather got beautiful? (5)
  7. is the dial-up Internet access painfully slow? (8)
  8. is there not much time left over to feel lonely? (9)
  9. does a fresh batch of library books arrive every ten days? (10)
  10. eight times out of ten, does a character get it right? (11)
  11. is it understood that when a school dies, a town dies too? (11)
  12. is there no such thing as a shortcut? (14)
  13. does a three mile ride give a character time to come up with a plan? (14)
  14. is most of the land flat as a bootprint? (15)
  15. is there no such thing as sneaking up on someone? (14)
  16. does a character have a natural talent for putting animals at ease? (21)
  17. does a character glare like a cat looks at a dog who's come one step too close? (22)
  18. are chores serious business? (23)
  19. does a character wear a little silver ring with a small red stone in it? (27)
  20. is a name written on the sole of shoe in faded black marker? (28)
  21. is a driveway neat, edged perfectly, and completely weed free? (28)
  22. is it time for a late-night raid? (30)
  23. does a character transform from a Boy Scout to a cat Burglar? (31)
  24. is applesauce thought of as drinkable fruit? (32)
  25. is a character grabbed by the shirt and pushed into a stone wall? (32)
  26. are five desks pushed together in a pentagon? (44)
  27. is it a useful art to watch people when they didn't know you were paying attention? (44)
  28. is a file on every person kept in a top secret red notebook?
  29. does the size of what a character volunteered to do hit like a sack of grain? (49)
  30. is it no one's business but their own if they want to buy six jars of face cream at a time? (50)
  31. is a character going to keep a promise? (54)
  32. is it hard to stay clean when you're away from home? (55)
  33. is after lunch on Thursday time for outdoor cleanup?
  34. does a character realize what a powerful grip a promise can have? (75)
  35. does a character decide to do something right away? (81)
  36. does a character decide to have another look around- a slow look- a careful look? (97)
  37. does a character prepare with plastic sandwich bags, tweezers, a magnifying lass, a cheap plastic camera, a flashlight, a notebook and tow freshly sharpened pencils? (99)
  38. does black and red spray paint make a place feel creepy? (102)
  39. does a character seem to be looking at a family's history through broken or damaged things? (103)
  40. does a story seem pale and thin after the real-life events of the week before? (106)
  41. does a character say, "One kid out of three ain't great, but it'll do."? (108)
  42. does a character's stomach lead him to some vital information? (110)
  43. does a character feel he is given a second chance? (122)
  44. does a character remember that teamwork is important? (124)
  45. does a character let go of his pride? (124)
  46. does rain gear make riding a hot sticky business? (134)
  47. is a problem laid out like a fish on a skimming board? (139)
  48. is the hard part figuring out what the doing ought to be? (149)
  49. is a town in sore need of town spirit? (152)
  50. is apple pie sold for twenty-five cents a slice? (153)
  51. is a gift left under a board? (161)
  52. is a character very good at being a detective?