Rules by Cynthia Lord

  1. Which book begins on the first day of summer vacation? (1)
  2. IWB is the video store the MC’s little brother’s favorite place? (2)
  3. IWB is someone moving in next door to the MC? (3)
  4. IWB does the MC believe you’ve got to work with what you’ve got? (4)
  5. IWB is the MC’s best friend gone all summer on vacation? ((5)
  6. IWB does the MC wish she had a brother to fight with and yell at? (5)
  7. IWB does the MC look for snowy egrets in the salt marshes? (13)
  8. IWB can the MC tell whether it is high or low tide just by the smell? (13-14)
  9. IWB do two of the characters read the Harry Potter series together (17)
  10. IWB does the MC draw? (19)
  11. IWB does the MC wish she had an invisibility cloak? (23)
  12. IWB does one of the characters want a guitar? (23)
  13. IWB does the MC hunt for colored pencils on the floor to hide her embarrassment? (28)
  14. IWB does one of the characters hear extra loud? (29)
  15. IWB does the MC have to sit in the front row of the bus for pushing another kids? (30)
  16. IWB does the MC get new neighbors? (30)
  17. IWB does the MC have a rule against dancing? (32)
  18. IWB is the MC’s dad always late? (34)
  19. IWB is the MC’s dad a pharmacist? (35)
  20. IWB do the MC’s mom run a tax-prep business? (35)
  21. IWB does a character count cars? (37)
  22. IWB does the MC say talking to her brother is like a treasure hunt? (39)
  23. IWB does the MC quote Frog and Toad are Friends? (38)
  24. IWB is the video store an important destination? (40)
  25. IWB does the MC make cookies for a neighbor? (41)
  26. IWB does the MC have two guinea pigs? (41)
  27. IWB does the MC draw a self portrait? (43)
  28. IWB is the MC given seven blank cards? (47)
  29. IWB does the MC want to be an artist? (50)
  30. IWB does the MC use the longest, hardest to spell password she can think of? (51)
  31. IWB does one of the characters borrow words from books? (57)
  32. IWB does the MC lie to her parents about the neighbor being too busy to come to a bbq? (65)
  33. IWB are tourists a good luck sign that summer’s here? (69)
  34. IWB does the MC teach her little brother with rules? (71)
  35. IWB does Thomas the Tank Engine get rewound again and again? (78)
  36. IWB is going inside the house for kids without umbrellas? (82)
  37. IWB are puzzles done like a book – left to right, top to bottom? (86)
  38. IWB does being at a friend’s house mean the MC can just be herself? (90)
  39. IWB are a big bunch of carrots given as a gift? (96)
  40. IWB is “whatever” a good word for annoying your mother? (100)
  41. IWB does the MC need card stock and a paper cutter? (103)
  42. IWB does the MC compare her brother to an apple? (110)
  43. IWB is running described as feeling weightless – like you could fly? (119)
  44. IWB does one of the characters dream of running? (119)
  45. IWB is the MC’s dad proud of his tomatoes? (125)
  46. IWB is the MC jealous of her dad’s tomatoes? (127)
  47. IWB does the MC love swimming in water over her head? (137)
  48. IWB do 2 girls hang out on a raft in the middle of a pond? (139)
  49. IWB does the MC tell the story of the fisherman and his wife? (139)
  50. IWB does the MC try to draw her ankles? (144)
  51. IWB does the MC watch out for broken tar and sewer grates? (147)
  52. IWB is the MC invited to a birthday party? (154)
  53. IWB does the MC hid from a friend? (152)
  54. IWB does green ruin the fireworks? (161)
  55. IWB does the MC buy a guitar? (164)
  56. IWB does the MC count doors (Jason will want to open)? (171)
  57. IWB is a broken cassette cause for tears? (183)
  58. IWB does the MC wish the refreshment stand had grape soda? (190)