Soft Rain: A Story of the Cherokee Trail of Tears by Cornelia Corelissen

  1. IWB does the MC have a dog named pet? (1)
  2. IWB is the MC’s grandmother blind? (2)
  3. IWB does the MC’s teacher cry? (4)
  4. Which book is set in NC (5)
  5. IWB does the MC’s school close because the teachers’ family moves away? (5)
  6. IWB does the MC teacher her wousin to read? (13)
  7. IWB do the characters play chngke – trying to hit a rolling stone with sticks? (21)
  8. IWB does the MC have to translate for her mother? (26)
  9. IWB is the MC too tired to cry? (34)
  10. IWB does a large group of people have to share one bucket of water? (40)
  11. IWB does meat make a girl sick? (38)
  12. IWB do characters show happiness by hitting each other? (43)
  13. IWB are there no outhouses – only buckets? (45)
  14. IWB does a character get a disease that covers her arms and face with read spots? (49)
  15. IWB does a character get a disease that leaves her coughing, shivering and covered with sweat? (49)
  16. IWb does the MC’s best friend (and cousin) die? (50)
  17. IWB is a tobacoo pouch cherished? (56)
  18. IWB are characters afraid to travel by water (b/c of the uktena snake) (57)
  19. IWB would you find stockades? (64)
  20. IWB does the MC’s mother say she asks too many questions? (65)
  21. IWB is it important to keep the fire insight so you don’t get lost? (66)
  22. IWB does the MC dream of dancing? (69)
  23. IWB does a character (Aunt Kee) say she will wade across the Tennessee River? (71)
  24. IWB does a character refuse new shoes? (74)
  25. IWB do women strap terrapin shells around their legs? (81)
  26. IWB does the MC sleep under a blanket of hay? (81)
  27. IWB does the MC write words in the dirt? (87)
  28. IWB does a character (Aunt Kee) take vegetables from a farmer’s field? (94)
  29. IWB do characters’ lips turn blue from the cold? (100)
  30. IWB does the MC reluctantly take an apple from a stranger? (100)
  31. IWB do children get separated from their family? (104)
  32. IWB does the MC sleep for more than a week? (106)
  33. Which book is set in 1838? (map prologue)

In which book:
  1. Was there no time for a story because a character played outside too long?
  2. Did a Grandmother say she would miss her grandsons smiling face even though she was blind?
  3. Could a grandmother "see" a boys face by hearing his laughter and imagining the joy in him?
  4. Was an Indian girl taunted by white boys?
  5. Did a girl like a boy because he reminded her of her brotheralways trying to be taller?
  6. Was a teacher crying because of a letter from a Superintendent?
  7. Did children not read the white mans book because the teacher had something sad to tell them?
  8. Were people told by letter, they must leave their homes and travel to the West?
  9. Were children told there would be no more school for them?
  10. Did a teacher move west?
  11. Did a girl offer to be her grandmothers eyes?
  12. Was there a story about Little People that helped children when they got lost?
  13. Did a school teach both white mans writing and Sequoyas writing?
  14. Did a girl secretly teach her cousin how to read?
  15. Did a girl come from the direction of home instead of town?
  16. Did Father say the West was the land of blackness?
  17. Did a mother and father think it was a waste of time to talk and tell stories?
  18. Was there time for learning after the New Moon Festival?
  19. Did a young girl scream: "I didnt need any more water on me!"
  20. Did a brother and sister play chungke?
  21. Would stories have to wait until planting was done?
  22. Were five kernels of corn placed in each hole?
  23. Was there a celebration called the "Green Corn Dance?"
  24. Did a young girl receive a small doll decorated with beads and quills?
  25. Did a white man shout, "Now we can live on our land! Good riddance!"
  26. Was there a meeting place where the river narrowed, for two cousins?
  27. Did a family with two children climb out of a wagon and offer bread to eat?
  28. Was there an old man who refused bread and said he didnt need to eat?
  29. Did a young girl fasten a Pets rope around her waist?
  30. Did a young girl take small bites of fatty, salty meat until her stomach refused any more?
  31. Did a young girl vomit all she had eaten onto herself and her dress?
  32. Were people "herded" into a stockade like animals?
  33. Did a mother say "Its best to eat slowly?"
  34. Did a mother keep a tobacco pouch inside her dress to keep it safe and dry?
  35. Did a young girl search everyday for the face of her father and young brother?
  36. Were lone women with children to pack up belongings and move?
  37. Were there not enough buckets and no place to empty them after use?
  38. Did a young girl wonder why soldiers didnt bathe?
  39. Did a young girl cover her cousin with a part of her own blanket?
  40. Was it said that elder brothers do not bring heartache and disease?
  41. Did a girl offer to fan flies off her cousin?
  42. Did girls learn stories, cooking, and sewing from their mothers and grandmothers?
  43. Did Real People file out of a fort to empty overflowing mess buckets?
  44. Did a mother ration water and say "Sip slowly and stay still"?
  45. Were people being moved to a new home in the West?
  46. Did soldiers take a mothers knife?
  47. Were only grandmothers and babies allowed to ride in wagons?
  48. Was a mother too weak to carry the familys bundle?
  49. Did a woman say she would never cook in a white mans pan?
  50. Did a young girl wonder why she didnt hate the soldiers?
  51. Was there to be a final council meeting to decide on laws for a new home?
  52. Did a young girl want to look for her father at a council meeting?
  53. Did a young girl write the names of family in the dirt with a twig?
  54. Did an eerie stillness fall over the camp after the last person disappeared from sight?
  55. Did women hold onto a rope tied to a wagon when crossing a deep river?
  56. Was there believed to be a uktena or a huge snake that lived in the river pools and dark mountain passes?
  57. Did a girl wonder why a white man was paid to take them where they didnt want to go?
  58. Was there no time to properly bury the old ones?
  59. Would a young mother not leave the graves of her two babies?
  60. Would a young woman not take badly needed shoes from the white man?
  61. Were there cries for help to empty wagons and push them out of the mud?
  62. Did people seek shelter from cold and rain in an old barn?
  63. Did a young girl bury her head in her fathers chest and think " he smells the same!"
  64. Did a grandmother have to go live with kind, white store owners?
  65. Was a young girl given her lost doll that her grandmother had made for her?
  66. Was a young girl taller, skinnier, and needed a new dress?
  67. Was sinking into muddy tracks as difficult as walking over frozen ruts?
  68. Were wagons filled with the sick and dying?
  69. Did a young girl know the mornings were the most difficult?
  70. Did a young brother complain about the jarring, noises, and dying people?
  71. Was it said: "Another river, more dead"?
  72. Was a father to be ferried across a river in the last boat?
  73. Were there boats creaking, wagons creaking, and ice creaking?
  74. Did an Aunt dig for vegetables in a farmers field?
  75. Did two white children give apples to two Indian children?
  76. Was there a wool dress with a pocket for "keeping things in"?
  77. Did "Little People" help lost children?
  78. Did a young girl say "dont forget the bag, dont forget the bag, over and over?
  79. Did a young girl want to tell the story about why they left a beautiful mountain home and how they traveled to the west?