A Strong Right Arm by Michelle Y. Green

  1. IWB does the MC say she must have been born with a baseball in her hand? (3)
  2. IWB does the MC say her life has been about tearing down walls to build something better? (4)
  3. IWB does the MC live in S.C. (5)
  4. IWB is the MC’s uncle Leo called Bones? (5)
  5. IWB is home plate a lid from a 5 gallon bucket of king cane sugar? (6)
  6. IWB do the charactesr use a rock wrapped in tape and a tree branch to play baseball (7&8)
  7. IWB does the MC get a package (from her mama) every month? (8)
  8. IWB did the MC’s dad leave her mom when she was a baby? (8)
  9. IWB did the MC grow up in a house with 18 rooms on 81 acres of land? (9)
  10. IWB does the MC see a shooting star? (10)
  11. IWB does the MC’s grandmother die of a stroke? (13)
  12. IWD does the MC count stars when she can’t sleep? (14)
  13. IWB does the MC move to N.J. (19)
  14. IWB does the MC’s uncle give her a baseball? (21)
  15. IWB does the MC go to Liberty Elementary School? (22)
  16. IWB does the MC play softball for three weeks? (25)
  17. IWB does the MC go to a police station? (29) This is also year of the boar
  18. IWB is the MC’s aunt a teacher? (32)
  19. IWB does the MC have a friend named Rita (who played first base) (37)
  20. IWB did the MC practice at Bannecker Field? (50)
  21. IWB does a man in a navy blue pin stripe suit help change the MC’s life? (59)
  22. IWB does the MC have a list of gotta dos? (61) that includes bringing an extra pair of shoe laces? (61)
  23. IWB does the MC fall sleep with her head resting on a window sill? (62)
  24. IBW is the Mc’s mother a dietician? (64)
  25. IWB does the MC paly with clowns? (68) Indianapolis Clowns?
  26. IWB did the MC’s clothes maker her feel like a big wet dog in a heavy coat? (70)
  27. IWB did the MC have to sit at the back of the bus?
  28. IWB did the MC have to learn the rules of surviving in the south? (77)
  29. IWB did the MC do her best when the pressure was on? (81)
  30. IWB is the MC paid $200 twice a month? (82)
  31. IWB did the MC go to college in NC? (98)
  32. IWB did the MC become a nurse? (98)
  33. IWB does the MC’s uncle play an important role in her childhood?
  34. IWB does the MC have to fine a "nice-size rock and wrip it round and round with stick tape till it had a good heft? (7)
  35. IWB does the MC not mind chancing snakes if it meant they could share the wild blackberries that sprungup beside the road? (11)
  36. IWB does the MC fold her mama into her arms and they always fit together just right? (15)
  37. IWB does the MC hold her mama because there was nobody to hold her just like this anymore? (15)
  38. IWB does the MC move in with her aunt and uncle and there wasn't even a peach tree in their front yard? (22)
  39. IWB does the MC not into dolls and tea parties and such like the other girls? (23)
  40. IWB does the MC go to the police station to ask about a specific law? (29)
  41. IWB does the MC's aunt and uncle let her do whatever she wanted as along as it wasn't going into trouble?