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How Tia Lola Came to Visit Stay by Julia Alvarez

Chapter 1 pg1-13
1. IWB does someone stare at a blue bowl while remembering a memory?pg2 / pg5 wedding bowl
2. IWB did someone move from New York City to Vermont?pg2
3. IWB does everyone pick a can to bring to the table for supper?pg4
4. IWB can a mother’s voice sound as sweet as a handful of chocolate chips?pg8
5. IWB does someone page a relative at an airport?pg11
6. IWB does someone wear a dress with parrots flying toward palm trees, and followers bursting from the fabric?pg12
Chapter 2 pg14-26
7. IWB are there two suitcases covered in plastic wrap?pg.14
8. IWB does someone have a Dominican Flag rolled up?pg.14
9. IWB does someone have several jars with ingredients that are probably potions?pg15
10. IWB is someone considered a doctor with magic instead of medicine?pg15
11. IWB does someone have an uncle with six fingers?pg18
12. IWB does someone have a great-grandmother that can tell the future by the stains in a coffee cup?pg18
13. IWB is there a ciquapa with his feet on backwards so he is going in the opposite direction from what it appears?pg19
14. IWB does someone say that “you have to love people for who they are then they will become all they can be?pg22
15. IWB does someone make fun of someone by saying “quack quack” each time they pass?pg23
Chapter 3 pg27-42
16. IWB do friends think that someone is brave for living in a haunted house?pg28
17. IWB does someone use a nickname when they want a favor?pg30
18. IWB does someone want a Sammy Sosa signed baseball for their birthday?pg36
19. IWB did someone celebrate the anniversary of their first decade on planet earth?pg39
20. IWB does someone play a game “What color is that?”pg41
Chapter 4 pg43-57
21. IWB is a woman carrying a small bawling lamb?pg44
22. IWB are good luck charms a yellow scarf and a 4H bandana?pg44-45
23. IWB does someone make huevos rancheros?pg46-47
24. IWB is there thought to be magic in a meatball?pg51
25. IWB does someone win $500 in the lottery?pg52
26. IWB is a sign a yellow scarf being waved in the air?pg56
Chapter 5 pg58-75
27. IWB does someone speak Spanglish?pg59
28. IWB does someone learn that the sky is a masculine name and the earth is feminine?pg65
29. IWB does someone wear heels to plant a garden?pg66
30. IWB do they prune the bushes in shapes of parrots, palm trees, monkeys and butterflies?pg68
31. IWB does someone think they need to dial 911 because of a green thumb?pg69
32. IWB is the easiest language to learn but the hardest to speak, mutual understanding?pg72
Chapter 6 pg76-90
33. IWB does someone take a train to visit with their father?pg76
34. IWB is someone standing at the corner of Stop and One Way?pg79
35. IWB does someone argue over a Yankees game or the zoo?pg81 (pitter-patter)
36. IWB is someone’s nickname “little tiger?”pg86
37. IWB is there a painting named “Three Happy Days in Nuevo York?”pg89-90
Chapter 7 pg91-103
38. IWB are the days compared to a piece of fancy candy in a gold-and-blue wrapper?pg91
39. IWB is there a story of cousins who never cut their hair and carried it around in a wheelbarrow?pg91
40. IWB does someone paint the front porch purple, the color of a bright bruise?pg94-95
41. IWB does a silver car sit in the woods and watch over some people in a field?pg99
42. IWB is there a pennant made that says “Charlie’s Boys”?pg103
Chapter 8 pg104-116
43. IWB was someone too busy raising a sister to look for a husband?pg108
44. IWB did someone wish for a rainy day on their birthday?pg112
45. IWB is a birthday present a drive up to their favorite spot in the Green Mountains?pg112
Chapter 9 pg117-129
46. IWB does someone get upset if her dolls are moved?pg121 “The dolls would feel lost if they wake up and find themselves in a new place.”
47. IWB is it said that, “home is wherever you are with the people you love”?pg128
Chapter 10 pg130 – 144
48. IWB are you told to be sure and ask for your “napa”?pg131
49. IWB is a suitcase placed on top of someone’s head like a basket of fruit?pg134
50. IWB is a trip to an island considered a bad idea?pg140
51. IWB is there a beauty mark placed in different places?pg141
Pg145 – 147
52. IWB do we learn that there are different variations of Spanish just as there are different variations of English? Pg145-147

How Tia Lola Came to Stay by Julia Alvarez

IWB do the characters live in Vermont? (1)

IWB have the characters just moved into a new home? (1)

IWB do the char live in a farmhouse? (2)

IWB are the char parents getting a divorce? (2)

IWB is the mother a counselor at a college? (2)

IWB is the dad a painter and store window artist? (2)

IWB do the char leave home in the morning before dark and return home in the evening after dark? (2)

IWB do the char eat a lot of meals at Rudy’s Rest.? (4)

IWB do the char get three meals for the price of 1? (4)

IWB does a blue bowl make a char. cry? (5)

IWB does the MC say I love you to a whole airport? (11)

IWB does one of the char (Tia Lola) have a voice that’s impossible to resist? (13)

IWB does one of the char sprinkle good luck water around the room (Aqua de Florida) (15)

IWB is one of the char something of a santera – a doctor who works with magic? (15)

IWB does one of the char tell magical stories? (18) Could also be Soft Rain?

IWB is one of the char nicknamed Gooseman (his last name is Guzman)? (22)

IWB does the MC write in the snow? (24)

IWB does a char have a beauty mark that moves around? (28)

IWB does the MC count down to his birthday? (34 & 35)

IWB does the MC’s birthday start out a gloomy day? (40_

IWB does the MC have a surprise birthday party? (41)

IWB does one of the char wear bright flowered dresses? (43)

IWB does a char learn a new language? (43)

IWB does one of the char always seem more determined when she wears her yellow scarf? (45)

IWB does the MC feel cranky when his mother teases him too much? (50))

IWB does the MC have a classmate (Mort) who says his name means death in French? (50)

IWB does a shared school lunch bring luck to the MC’s friend? 952)

IWB does a boy get a heifer to show in the county fair after his dad won $500 in the lottery? (52)

IWB is a char stereotyped as a go to baseball player (b/c his parents are from the Dom. Rep.) (54)

IWB does the MC worry he’s getting too superstitious? (55)

IWB does the MC pretend he’s playing baseball when his parents argue? (58)

IWB does a character plant a garden in high heels? (66)

IWB is a garden planed in the shape of an island? (67)

IWB doe the char use maracas to keep raccoons out of a garden? (68)

IWB do siblings decide to get along to get what they want? (71)

IWB do the char to go NY on a train? (76)

IWB does a char call home after getting lost? (79)

IWB do the char go to a Yankee’s game? (83)

IWB doe the char go to the zoo? (86)

IWB does the MC want to be a major league baseball player and a dolphin trainer? (86)

IWB do characters name colors by their “paint” names? (88)

IWB is a painting named “three happy days in NY”? (89)

IWB do the char find old photographs in the attic? (92)

IWB is a house painted purple? (94)

IWB does a baseball team wear purple and white striped uniforms? (103)

IWB does a char wish for a rainy day on her birthday? (112)

IWB does the 78th guest save the party? (114)

IWB does a huge party get rained on – but no one minds? (116)

IWB does a tent look like a broad white titanium brush stroke? (116)

IWB does the MC wonder if it would be better to be some other boy on some other planet? (120)

IWB is one of the char told a birthday story about her homeland? (123)

IWB do the char go to an island of people who like kissing? (131)

IWB does the MC think his relatives will have 6 fingers and braces on their feet? (135)

IWB do the characters spend Christmas were it is warm and sunny? (135)

IWB does the MC ask Santa for a napa (a little more)? (144)